MongoDB: What is it, and how did it come into play as part of the shocking disclosure that took place at "The Pit"?

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On August 13, 2022, Catherine Englebrecht and Gregg Phillips described what they found last year on an unsecured server in China: personal information for 1.8 million US election workers...and more

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Catherine Englebrecht of True the Vote and Gregg Phillips of OPSEC organized an event on Saturday, August 13th in Arizona called “the Pit.”

The purpose of the event was to bring together 100-150 journalists, social media influencers, researchers and other interested parties to discuss and disclose new information related to election “irregularities” that True the Vote had found—in part, to shed some additional light on the results of the 2000 Mules movie that relied on Gregg’s geolocation tracking of cell phones during the time around the November 2020 election, and also in part to share new information that they had come across in the interim.

This article is based upon my notes and recollection of what was shared at the event; any errors in relaying the story accurately are entirely my own.

I am going to focus primarily on the technical aspect of what was shared; there are others who are writing about the broader issues and shockingly serious implications of the FBI’s engagement (or lack thereof) with the data that Gregg and Catherine attempted to bring to their attention.

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