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National Leaders Call

Tuesday, May 6,2014

6-7PM Central Standard Time

Hello Fellow Leader - 

If you're receiving this invitation it's because, at some point, you've worked with True the Vote in a leadership capacity. I'm reaching out to everyone personally because...well... because we are seeing threats on the horizon that will threaten our election integrity like never before. No matter what organization you're a part of or how closely or loosely we've worked together in the past, it's my hope that we can all stand together in the days ahead. Please make plans to be on the call if you can - I'll explain more then. 

Onward - 

Catherine Engelbrecht 

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Hosted by True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht

Featuring TTV Empowered leaders from Texas and Maryland

Sharing best practices, success stories, and actions you can take in your own state to support free and fair elections!

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