Newsletter 5.16.23

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You are correct. What you are sensing is real. We are experiencing systemic breakdown of our government and total upheaval of our political landscape.  Though we’ve seen it coming for years, the season is finally and fully upon us, happening as Earnest Hemingway once wrote, “slowly and then all at once.”

It’s easy to feel downtrodden and disillusioned. Don’t.

Dare, with us, to see things differently. There’s lots of work to be done. Let’s do it. No use in feeling sorry for oneself; no sense in hoping there’s a cavalry coming to spare us. It’s not happening. We’re it. The people.

The good news is that in our area of focus, elections, citizens can be hyper-engaged in electoral processes and have enormous impact. There is no reason to accept the kind of lawlessness our nation experienced in 2020.  Holding the line in 2024 will not be easy, but it can be done. How? We must commit ourselves to the discipline of bringing order to chaos.

There aren’t many who are willing to stand with us in this gap, but there is one - and only one we know of – who never flinches in the fight. President Trump’s most recent Town Hall speaks volumes. Where else across our culture can we witness unwavering determination like this?

Full Trump CNN Town Hall 5/10/2023

In this setting we saw Trump the Warrior emerge yet again – a symbol of courage and resilience. We included the clip to remind us all of what true grit looks like. You may not see it as I do, and that’s ok, we can agree to disagree. Time will tell the tale.

Through all my years of grassroots work, one thing I’ve learned is that fear is a liar. Courage wins. There are tough days ahead, it’s true. But there will also be days of miracles.

What’s got me philosophizing? I’ve had some time to think.

You may recall that a few weeks ago I began a trek of the Camino de Santiago, a 500 mile spiritual pilgrimage across Spain.  I’m now in the last two weeks of my journey with 400 miles behind me.

My purpose was to clear my head and listen to God. And what I keep hearing, day after day, mile after mile is - believe.  Believe.

Everything starts with belief. Believe we can. And I do.

At True the Vote, we see incredible beauty in the power of free and fair elections.  Yes, it’s a fight. But it’s also the cornerstone of our United States. It’s worth fighting for.

We continue in our work to educate, engage, and protect voters; we recognize fully the critical importance of preserving the sanctity and dignity of the ballot box. Without our efforts, the risk of fraud and moral decline increases, further challenging a culture that is already in upheaval, further distancing the people from a representative government.

Economic policy, immigration, healthcare, security… freedom… so many things rely upon a trustworthy system of representation and therefore demand election integrity. We can’t quit. We can’t fail. We must have courage and keep pressing on, no matter how hard it may be. And we will.

Thank you for your unwavering support of True the Vote and belief in what we do and why we do it. We have big plans ahead. We’re stronger than ever. We’re leaders. And we can do this. Together. Have courage. Believe.

See you all soon.

Ever onward -

PS - If you can help support our work, including the six lawsuits we’re currently defending, please do donate today. Thank you so much.

  “Catherine on The Way” by Artful Dodger


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