And now for some good news...

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Hi Friend -

Straight out of the gate I want to thank everyone who read, forwarded, commented, prayed, or donated because of our last email. The response was tremendous! Thank you for your support!

And now for some good news …

We are seeing courtroom victories, legislative leadership, investigation breakthroughs, partnership opportunities, and best of all, a steady rise in the number of faithful Americans who recognize our country is in peril and are speaking out and stepping up in new ways, translating their passions into actions, all for the good of the Republic. It’s exciting!

The last few years have been extremely difficult - and we all know the difficulties are far from over. But, there is no battle that cannot be won if Americans stand together. I’ll restrain myself from launching a full-on pep rally, but we have a lot to be positive about:

Arizona Superior Court in Yavapai County found that the state’s process for signature matching on mail-in ballots was unlawful. A Georgia Federal Court affirmed protections against ballot harvesting and dropbox abuse. And in Florida Federal Court, a suit that attempted to prevent President Trump from running for reelection was dismissed.

Common-sense legislative reforms are happening all over the country. To give you a sense of the scale of battle, check out this tracker from Voting Rights Lab, currently following 1,894 election related bills. (Note: Voting Rights Lab is not a fan of ours, nor do we share their views, but I thought you would find their spreadsheet approach insightful).

Researchers are making strides in uncovering ballot trafficking, machine manipulation, election finance abuse, noncitizen registration, and more. Evidence-backed announcements from Kari Lake’s team and Gateway Pundit are testaments to the value of perseverance - and there’s more to come! We are privileged to work with so many great teams, providing research, tech, and legal support when needed.

Last week I wrote about our three non-negotiable goals for 2024:

  1. Election processes must follow the law.
  2. Voter rolls must be accurate.
  3. Citizens, sheriffs, and legislators must be equipped to participate.

While we continue to make great headway, last week we advanced exponentially; new tech, new collaborations, new opportunities - all good!

And finally, we are thrilled to see the growing numbers of people who recognize that America is worth saving; that we are not going to stand by silently and let WEF, WHO, and Marxist politicos define our future; and that engaging in elections, by voting, by serving, will unite us in ways we’ve never experienced, for the good.

Hard times are still ahead. We will continue to take massive incoming. But we are over the target. And God’s people are awake and increasingly, rightfully, unafraid.

Keep the faith. Never quit.

Ever onward-

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