True The Vote on UncoverDC: Previously Undisclosed Details Show RICO Crimes in 2020 Election

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Wendi Strauch Mahoney from UncoverDC has been following the True the Vote investigation that will soon be featured in 2000 Mules and recently shared a preview of what's driving it all.  From UncoverDC:

True the Vote discussed previously undisclosed details of its ballot trafficking investigations in five states, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, on the Charlie Kirk show on Thursday in anticipation of the upcoming Dinesh D'Souza documentary movie, “2000 Mules.” The investigation has unearthed from dropbox videos and extensive documentation evidence of RICO operations involving ballots.

Founder Catherine Engelbrecht says she will “pull the cord” and “give it all to the American people” after the release of D'Souza’s documentary. She lamented that most Americans are woefully “unaware” that ballot trafficking is illegal. In fact, it is a felony. True the Vote estimates that 7 percent of the votes in the 2020 general election were trafficked.

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