Statement from True the Vote Founder Catherine Engelbrecht in Response to NYT


Engelbrecht lays out opposing argument to
New York Times article regarding election security

HOUSTON, Texas - Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True the Vote, today released the following statement regarding a report from The New York Times, Freed by Court Ruling, Republicans Step Up Effort to Patrol Voting:

"Today’s story in The New York Times shows once again the shameless bias of the mainstream media and the lengths they will go to mischaracterize efforts to keep our elections secure. Today's so called 'expose' on conservatives’ efforts to keep our elections secure devotes pages to naming groups and individuals working to raise awareness about the vulnerabilities in our election system, especially with the massive push to expand vote by mail.

"Yet, the New York Times is completely silent about the well-funded, dark money liberal groups that have established this organized front to take away critical electoral safeguards - under the guise of supporting public health in the middle of a pandemic - `in a blatant attempt to try to stack the deck for their own benefit. The truth is that liberals for years have tried to dilute voter rights and this election cycle is no different.

"Notorious Democrat attorney Marc Elias, the attorney for Hillary Clinton, the DNC, Emily’s List and more, has filed lawsuits in 13 states seeking to expand vote by mail while at the same time removing critical security measures that ensure ballots are certified and protected. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is calling for $3.6 billion to dismantle election security - seeking to usurp states’ absentee standards, eliminate Voter ID, promote vote harvesting, eliminate witness requirements for mail in ballots, require ballots to be counted even when submitted after Election Day, dilute the signature verification processes, and more. These examples are just the tip of the iceberg.

"At every turn, liberals say 'There is no evidence of voter fraud, we don’t need these protections.”' Except evidence shows just the opposite. Numerous reports in states across the country show astonishing vulnerabilities in our system that absolutely put our elections at risk. Election Assistance Commission reports show that 28 million ballots in the last four elections went uncounted. In the last few weeks we learned that hundreds of ballots went uncounted in Wisconsin, Ohio, and New Jersey.

"We should have no tolerance for a system that doesn’t make every effort to protect the integrity of all elections at every level. American citizens are fed up with watching their elections slide into the swamp. We’re retaking the field…and not a moment too soon.

"Sadly, The New York Times and their cohorts on the left have fought to make this a partisan issue – but it shouldn’t be. All voters should want their vote counted equally and to have assurances that it was properly counted. And all voters - no matter what party or what ideology - should have the assurance that their voice is heard through their vote. The truth is that if Nancy Pelosi and Mark Elias get their way, 2020 may be the most chaotic, insecure, and inaccurate election in our nation’s history. Americans should not stand for that, they should make their voices heard and demand the very basic security measures that will ensure their right to vote is upheld and protected. See you at the polls.


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