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Dear ,

Thank you for your consideration of True the Vote’s proposal to tackle the real problems facing American Elections. Sending correspondence of this significance via e-mail is not ideal, but schedules being what they are, I thought it best to send to you without further delay, in the hope that we will soon be able to connect and discuss the contents, by phone if not in person.

Immediately after the election,  one of our supporters wrote me and said, “Maybe now we can finally fix election fraud.”  I think he’s right.  We can.  And we must.  The chaos documented during the 2016 election cycle was the clearest and loudest warning shot to date - systemic election problems must be resolved, or they will soon be the cause of a national crisis.

Here’s what we know:

  • Non-citizens are voting because our system allows it.   Experts estimate between 800,000 to 3,000,000 votes were cast by non-citizens in 2016. 
  • Voter identification is optional to non-existent in most states.   Polls consistently show  over 80% of Americans favor Voter ID.  
  • Voter rolls are polluted with inaccuracies.   Our own research has shown that approximately 20% of all voter registries are incorrect.  
  • Election technology is dangerously outmoded.   Electronic state election equipment is 10 - 15 years old, on average. 
  • Corrupt electoral processes have become institutionalized.   For eight long years, election processes have suffered under the Obama Administration's hyperpartisan agenda. 

True the Vote, supported by a select group of technologists, statisticians, researchers, auditors, academics, futurists, election law experts, and process specialists, proposes  five specific initiatives through which we will expose election fraud and develop best electoral practices:

1.  Forensic Audit with Targeted Investigations

We will conduct a scientifically structured forensic audit to document election fraud and process deficiencies in the 2016 Election.  Targeted investigations will focus on vote illegalities including;  non-citizens, same-day registrant frauds, felons, affidavit frauds (without showing ID), duplicate, and mail-in ballot fraud; and problematic locations, including Detroit, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, South Florida, Los Angeles, plus all 340 Sanctuary Cities.

2. American Voter ID Program

We will publish a model program for American Voter ID; one that supports the necessary balance between state electoral sovereignty,  national election security, and individual civil rights.  The program will include state-specific impact assessments, model federal and state legislation, and a grassroots advocacy plan.

3.  Enhanced Election Technologies

We will evaluate advancing electoral technologies and processes, both domestically and internationally, to disseminate and promulgate best practices. This information will serve as critically needed reference material for Congressional committees faced with proper allocation of funds to improve outdated state election systems.

4. Dynamic Voter Registration Verification

We will research the veracity of current voter rolls in all fifty states to identify instances of fraudulent registrations and petition them to be removed from the voter rolls.  Additionally, we will propose a standardized methodology model all states can use to securely resolve identity, residency, and citizenship for every new voter registration.

5.  Model Legislation

We will draft model legislation to address necessary changes in election laws at both federal and state levels.  The proposed legislation will include regulations to better define and enforce state requirements and to rescind Obama-era Consent Decrees filed against states and counties by the Department of Justice.Plan summaries, timelines, and budgets are linked here for your reference. The total yearly budget for all five initiatives is $2,450,000 per year.  To be sure, this effort isn’t an inexpensive undertaking, but the results will help establish a foundation on which to re-build trust in American elections.

As the largest election integrity organization in the country, True the Vote is uniquely positioned to take on this leading role in exposing problems in our elections, identifying solutions, and inspiring public support.   We are committed to moving forward only when we've secured sufficient funding to take on each initiative in its totality.  The stakes are too high for any missteps. I will follow up next week to get your feedback and address any questions you may have. In the interim, let me just say that I hope you will consider supporting us in this effort.  We can not do it without you.

With sincere thanks,

Catherine Engelbrecht

True the Vote, Founder

PS I can’t stress enough how essential these efforts are.   We must understand the real problems we face before we can hope to find real solutions.  No other conservative organization is doing this kind of research.  Almost all reference material is produced by Leftist organizations  - and skewed to their purposes.  Please help us set the record straight.