Want to Do Something? Help Review Voter Rolls! Training this Wednesday!

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If you haven’t heard about IV3, please check it out here. Bottom line, the IV3 project gives you access to your local voter rolls, queries comparing voter roll data to other accredited databases, and state specific guidance on filing challenges, plus live in app chat, help desk, and 3x week live Q&A webinars for support.

We only have about six weeks left to review voter rolls. After that, most states will begin closing down any maintenance reviews in accordance with the election deadlines established through the National Voter Registration Act. To date, IV3 users have identified 191,705 challenges. If you are curious about the accuracy of your local voter rolls, and willing to engage, IV3 is the project for you.

This Wednesday we’re hosting a training for all new users of the IV3 platform. To register for the training click here or click the invitation shown below.


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