Yuma County Sheriff's Office opens massive voter fraud investigation after 2000 Mules goes viral

Voter fraud

Today, the Yuma County (AZ) Sheriff’s Office (YCSO) announced in a Press Release that they, along with the Yuma County Recorder’s Office, are actively examining cases of election fraud from the 2020 General Election, as well as a recent pattern of fraudulent voter registrations in the lead up to the 2022 Primary Election.

In the press release, the YCSO indicated that as of March 2022 their office had 16 open voting and registration investigations, and outlined four types of election fraud they have identified in Yuma County: impersonation fraud, false registrations, duplicate voting, and fraudulent use of absentee ballots.

“We are extremely encouraged that the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office and Recorder’s Office are now working together to investigate individuals involved in the subversion of elections” said Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True the Vote. “We’ve spent concentrated time in Yuma County and have provided significant information to both state and federal authorities.  What has been happening in Yuma County is happening across the country. The targeting of vulnerable communities and voter abuse must be stopped.”

Click here for the full release from the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office.