• HOUSTON, TX - October 26, 2017 - Today, True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht released the following statement regarding the recent announcement of settlements in the Linchpins of Liberty v. United States and NorCal Tea Party Patriots v. IRS cases.

    “The settlements are notable in that, for the first time, the IRS admitted their discrimination against conservative groups was wrong and unlawful. But what is to prevent it from happening again?

    Hollow apologies from the IRS won’t prevent future discrimination and abuse. The American people deserve more”, said Engelbrecht, “True the Vote welcomes the Department of Justice’s offer to enter into settlement negotiations in our case, provided that the outcome produces meaningful protections for all organizations. Regardless of your political viewpoint, no one should ever be subjected to what we were put through.”

    “True the Vote believes that an injunction is needed against the IRS to ensure that in the future, under Republican or Democrat administrations, political opponents are not targeted by the IRS for discriminatory and unlawful treatment,” said True the Vote attorney, Jim Bopp.

    As of today, True the Vote’s lawsuit against the IRS remains unsettled.

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    True the Vote
    26th of October 2017
  • In 2009, True the Vote opened its doors in Houston,Texas. Now, Houston, along with all of southeast Texas, has been pummeled by Hurricane Harvey.

    We want to let you know that the True the Vote team is soggy, but safe.

    Thank you all for the incredibly thoughtful emails, calls, and social media posts sent from concerned friends.

    If you’d like to help support ongoing relief efforts, please consider donating to the Texas Baptist Men’s Disaster Relief effort. I worked alongside them as a first responder in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita. This is an organization that hits the ground and gets busy helping people clean up their property and begin to put their lives back together. I’ve spoken with them this morning and in addition to monetary donations, they also specifically requested donations of water, Gatorade, soap, and gift cards to major hardware stores like Home Depot. You can contact them directly at the link above or text HurricaneHarvey (no space) to 73256 on your cell phone and you’ll receive a message from them with more information.

    Please continue to keep our friends and neighbors in your prayers. So many people lost everything.

    Thank you again. Rest assured, we’ll be back in the saddle very soon.

    Forever #TexasStrong -

    Catherine Engelbrecht

    Founder, True the Vote

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    31st of August 2017
  • Hi Jody -

    Our lawsuit against the IRS is making headlines - and we’re making headway! Last week, U.S. District Court Judge Reggie Walton ordered the IRS to start releasing names and documents. In fact, he outright asked IRS attorneys why they continue to “hide the ball.”

    We put together a quick video to bring you up to speed….

    The bottom line is that our battle against the IRS is still in full swing. It’s been a long four years, but we cannot quit.

    What the IRS did, to me, to True the Vote, and to thousands of other organizations and individuals, is unconstitutional, unconscionable, and unacceptable.

    Make no mistake; the IRS can and will continue in their targeting schemes unless and until they are forced to stop. We must see this effort through to conclusion. But we need your help.

    This fight against the IRS is about far more than what they did to True the Vote. A win in this case will produce future protections that we will all benefit from.

    Sometimes fundraising requests make their causes seem too surreal to really connect with. This is a very, very real fight. And we will keep fighting…with your help. Please help support our legal battle to end IRS targeting.

    Working together we can win this….and, together we can and will true the vote.


    Catherine Engelbecht

    Founder, True the Vote

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    31st of August 2017

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