• The Supreme Court will decide whether a state, as Texas does, can use illegal alien and resident alien population in apportioning political power in legislative redistricting.  The decision will have a profound effect on politics.  Here is the ACRU brief explaining how the Justice Department already exclusively uses citizenship data in redistricting lawsuits.

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    27th of May 2015
  • Ironic that the Voting Section told the Inspector General that the DOJ didn’t get involved in Guam because the case might not be ripe.  It will be interesting to see what the DOJ does now.  If the past is any indication, protecting voting rights is not an equal opportunity exercise at the Obama Justice Department.  National Review covers the hypocrisy:

    “A May 8 decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has given new attorney general Loretta Lynch her first public test: Will she break from Eric Holder’s policies by enforcing voting-rights law on a race-neutral basis, as Congress intended, or will she continue Holder’s non-neutral enforcement policy?”

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    27th of May 2015
  • Honoring Those Who Gave All

    We are grateful to those who have served and sacrificed to preserve our Republic and our system of self-government.  Memorial Day should give pause for thought to citizens committed to free and fair elections. When exercising a key voter’s right – questioning election authority – there is ample opportunity to feel tremendous levels of frustration when seeking the truth. Memorial Day always manages to offer perspective; as difficult as research and advocacy can be for our shared cause, we must be grateful for those who sacrificed all to preserve our nation. This weekend, take time to remember those in your community who fought for your rights and freedoms.


    Listen to the DOJ / IRS Fail to Defend Targeting Operations in Court

    You may have read recently that True the Vote’s lawsuit against the IRS was placed on a temporary hold until a similar case, Z Street v. Koskinen, is adjudicated before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Written accounts detail multiple instances of the Court being absolutely beside itself hearing the DOJ defend the Internal Revenue Service’s alleged targeting of an organization seeking tax-exempt status due to its pro-Israel views. During this extended weekend, you have the opportunity to listen to the full audio of the oral argument hearing. Running just short of an hour in length, this is must-listen content for anyone closely following the fight against the IRS.


    Voter Fraud Invalidates a Texas Election

    “How widespread is voter fraud, really? Is there really enough fraud to overturn an election?” At the height of every political season, TTV fields those two questions on a daily basis from the media. The reality is that even the slightest amount of fraud can affect an entire election – particularly in down-ballot races. We can now add another unfortunate statistic to the conversation. The 13th Texas Court of Appeals in south Texas recently found that a new election was justified after finding that 30 votes were illegally cast in a local commissioner race due to questions of voter residency and improper mail ballot assistance. The fraudulent ballots allowed for a margin of victory of just 16 votes. The City of Weslaco will have to make preparations for a new election, unless the losing party petitions the Texas Supreme Court. Click here to read more.


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    The Legislative Working Groups Drawing Board

    Email us if there is election reform legislation on the move in your state that you’d like to see passed/defeated.


    AB 177 – Relates to candidate eligibility, residency requirements and other matters.


    HB 621 – Relates to the termination of a volunteer deputy voter registrar’s appointment. Under the bill, county election officials would be empowered to revoke deputy status should they engage in any activity considered to be a violation of duties. The bill has been passed by the House and was referred to the Senate State Affairs Committee.

    HB 891 – Relating to establishing an interstate voter registration crosscheck program.

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    22nd of May 2015

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