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    IRS Case Update

    As True the Vote attorney Cleta Mitchell mentioned during the October national call last week, a new filing was put before the Court which offered supplemental authority to True the Vote’s claims against the IRS under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The D.C. Federal District Court still has not ruled on whether the IRS’ motions to dismiss our case should be granted.

    To read a copy of the new filing, click here.

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    5th Circuit Reverses Texas Voter ID Ruling

    There’s a saying around Texas that goes, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait until tomorrow.” Last week a federal district court judge saw fit to strike down Texas’ voter ID law, finding it to be discriminatory. After appeal to the 5th Circuit this week, however, the requirement is back on track for the 2014 Election only. The rationale for reinstating Voter ID was that changing the requirement too soon before said election was bound to cause chaos. As expected, the DOJ appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, so the fun continues. As it stands now, Texas voters WILL SHOW VOTER ID when early voting begins next week.


    U.S. 7th Circuit Name-Drops True the Vote

    A curious thing happened late last week. Despite True the Vote’s zero involvement in the Wisconsin voter ID litigation, we managed to get dragged in anyway thanks to a 7th Circuit justice’s dissent. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Judge Richard A. Posner noted some of TTV’s evidence of voter fraud to be “goofy” and “paranoid” when discussing the need for voter ID laws. Despite the fact that TTV had no real avenue to respond in kind to Posner’s rhetoric, the following statement was provided to the Milwaukee paper: “Given the highly contentious atmosphere in the 7th Circuit surrounding this issue right now, it would seem predictable that rhetoric would decline into pettiness. But for a federal justice to intentionally disparage a nonpartisan educational organization with no registered interest as a party or amicus filing to the lawsuit is another matter altogether. Prior to True the Vote’s founding, concerned citizens had little to no opportunity to come together and discuss what they were experiencing at the polls and seek further education. While voters’ reports of occurrences witnessed ranged from completely legal to disturbingly illegal, they had a resource to call upon all the same. If such exercise of the First Amendment by True the Vote is therefore worthy of Justice Posner’s unprompted scorn, then consider this emblematic of the increasingly fractured relationship between the federal government and the People it claims to serve."


    TTV Participates in Heritage Foundation Panel on Election Integrity

    TTV President Catherine Engelbrecht was in Washington this week, taking part in a Heritage Foundation panel discussion about how states and citizen groups can advance the cause for voters’ rights. Engelbrecht joined Kansas and Colorado Secretaries of State Kris Kobach and Scott Gessler, respectively. Heritage Foundation election law expert Hans A. von Spakovsky hosted the event. You can now replay the full discussion here.

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    True the Vote
    17th of October 2014
  • Voter ID is supported by large majorities of Americans.  In fact, polls show it is supported by nearly every demographic subset: whites, blacks, Hispanics, Republicans and Democrats.  All support voter ID by majority numbers.  According to polling data the only demographic that opposes Voter Id is white liberals.

    You can see a manifestation of this disparity on the editorial pages of American newspapers.  Editorial pages are frequent critics because, you guessed it, most of them are run by white liberals. The disparity in support between the white liberals running editorial pages and the rest of America frequently manifests in letters to the editor on the same editorial page.

    Here’s the latest example from the Fond du Lac Reporter’s editorial page:

    Another headline about voter ID. Don’t try to tell me that 300,000 people in Wisconsin won’t be able to vote. Does this same number not buy cigarettes, alcohol, over-the-counter drugs, etc? All require an ID.

    I had to show an ID this summer when I paid my granddaughter’s book bill at the University of Wisconsin-Fond du Lac campus as I used a debit card.

    I’m sure the money being spent on this issue could be used elsewhere, maybe education which these groups constantly cry we’re not giving enough money. I have no respect for these groups involved in keeping the voter ID law out of voting. They must like voter fraud.

    Elaine Miller

    Elaine Miller is more in sync with the rest of America than most editorial page editors.

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    True the Vote
    17th of October 2014
  • “What’s wrong with some reasonable — non-discriminatory, may it please the court — measures meant to encourage turnout chiefly by those who exert themselves when turning out? What is the matter with some minimal formality, such as producing on demand a photo that verifies identity? The Texas photo ID law rebuked by an Obama-appointed federal judge as “an unconstitutional poll tax” permits the tendering of ID in various forms, including a citizenship certificate, a military ID card, and a concealed handgun license. That hardly strikes me (though I am not a federal judge) as troublesome or vexatious.”

    American Spectator.

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    True the Vote
    15th of October 2014

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