• Early Testing Yields Insight into Behavioral Patterns in Clinton Emails

    HOUSTON, TX. -- July 7, 2015: True the Vote (TTV), the nation's leading voters’ rights and election integrity organization, today announced the testing of its latest online research tool, TrueThis, is underway. TrueThis has been designed to facilitate data mining through citizen crowdsourcing in an open, online environment.

    Originally developed to perform text and data analysis for documents related to the IRS’s admitted targeting scheme, TrueThis allows citizen researchers to upload, assimilate, and mine bulk data gathered through open records disclosures, lawsuit discovery, and other avenues of data collection.

    “In anticipation of the coming discovery phase in our lawsuit against the IRS, TTV has been working around the clock to build an online application that we can use to disseminate the contents of all email correspondence in a way that is public, transparent, expedient, and insightful.” True the Vote Founder Catherine Engelbrecht said. “Good research – be it election integrity related or otherwise – requires an ability to simultaneously handle incredibly large amounts of differing data types.

    “Using our TrueThis application, the hundreds of nonprofit groups that bore the brunt of the IRS’s abuse will now be able to collaboratively combine Lois Lerner emails, harassment letters, correspondence with IRS technicians, and original applications to discern new insights into how and why the agency made the decision to target these organizations and the private citizens affiliated with them.” Engelbrecht continued. “Imagine being able to create a timeline that reflects specific points of inspiration, execution and aftermath in every harassing question posed by the IRS, for every target – and to create it within minutes, when conventional research methods could take years. Simply put, TrueThis will empower citizens to participate in the crowdsourcing of truth.  Ten-thousand-page, Friday-afternoon document dumps can now be distilled, mined, and analyzed by Monday morning.”

    TrueThis will directly address an emerging need within the greater election integrity movement.

    “Citizen researchers have increasingly utilized open records laws in their respective states to collect data necessary to understand how best to advocate for improved election processes,” Engelbrecht added. “These engaged voters tell us that it’s common for reams of documents to be offered in lieu of specifically requested records. With TrueThis, massive amounts of documentation, from troves of email correspondence regarding voter roll maintenance to statewide petitions, can be quickly processed and analyzed.”

    Early Testing

    Due to delays in the federal courts and in Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) administrative processes to dislodge controversial Lois Lerner and other IRS email files, True the Vote opted to launch its first data-mining test using the recently released batch of emails belonging to former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Significant media coverage has been given to cursory reviews of these emails, focusing on a specific body of quotes or general subject matters. With TrueThis, TTV is looking beyond basic observations to examine relationship and response patterns - focusing initially on the patterns involving Clinton associate Sidney Blumenthal.

    Clinton campaign spin and related media reports have asserted that Blumenthal emails were unsolicited and widely reported to “strain credulity” in some instances – forging the intended popular understanding that said emails generally fell on deaf inboxes. However, the behavioral pattern within the email metadata tells a different story:

    • Of the 100 plus email files disclosed by the State Department directly involving Blumenthal, nearly every email sent by Blumenthal led to a Reply, Reply All or Forward command by former Secretary Clinton to her immediate staff;
    • 78 percent of all emails Clinton received from Blumenthal were forwarded to staff for distribution and other purposes.

    TrueThis testing is expected to continue through summer 2015, as new State Department disclosures are announced, in preparation for the forthcoming delivery of IRS document releases.


    True the Vote (TTV) is an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) voters’ rights organization, founded to inspire and equip voters for involvement at every stage of our electoral process. TTV empowers organizations and individuals across the nation to actively protect the rights of legitimate voters, regardless of their political party affiliation. For more information, please visit www.truethevote.org.

    VoteStand is now available for both iOS (Apple) and Android devices free of charge. For more detailed technical information, visit the official VoteStand website at www.votestand.com.


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    7th of July 2015
  • Happy 4th of July!

    From the entire True the Vote team, we hope all of you engaged voters have a wonderful 4th of July weekend filled with all things Americana. Take the time to thank a veteran, pledge to the flag, grill for the block party, avoid burning your house down,  go to a baseball game and – above all – reflect on our great nation’s history and discern how to have an impact on its future.


    Kansas, Arizona Denied by SCOTUS in Fighting Noncitizen Voter Registration

    While the U.S. Supreme Court was busy disrupting news cycles and breaking the Internet with major rulings, it also took time this week to deny a petition from Kansas and Arizona to be heard on a matter involving proposed controls to prevent noncitizen voter registration. The states specifically requested that the federal government require users of the federal voter registration form to submit proof of citizenship along with their application. This setback will only prove to be a small one, however.

    For years, TTV has advocated that states “own their data.” This means they should utilize the powers already given to them by the federal courts to verify voter registration information as it is received. The technology to do so is available and affordable. Taking ownership also means finding new ways to share information between agencies such as jury clerks, for example. In a statement released after the ruling, Catherine Engelbrecht noted, “Today’s decision is yet another reminder that if citizens demand improved election integrity, they must first look to themselves.” Click here to read the full press release.


    We Will Not Be Silenced: IRS Botches Email Recovery, Again

    It’s hard to keep track of things: Lois Lerner’s emails are irrevocably lost, miraculously found and then accidentally lost yet again. While this news usually enjoys wall-to-wall coverage, SCOTUS was busy stealing the spotlight. We first learned late last week that up to 24,000 of Lois Lerner’s emails went missing AFTER multiple protection orders had been placed upon them, according to CNN. But it gets worse. Now the varieties of email transparency scandals around Washington are starting to merge. POLITICO reported this week that the same attorney who led the IRS email recovery-and-loss squad has been tasked to help turn over Benghazi-related State Department emails to Congress. Spoiler alert: emails will disappear. If it is any consolation, the Treasury Department swears it did not delete emails with malicious intent. Instead, the claim is that the employees who magnetically deleted files did not know they weren’t supposed to delete anymore. And so the scandal grows…


    Sign Up for the July National Conference Call

    It’s never too soon to sign up for the next True the Vote National Conference call. Join us for an ongoing discussion about the state of our election systems and how individual engaged voters can make a big difference every day of the year. Click here to sign up.


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    “Three Philly Election Officials Face Voter Fraud Charges”

    Fourteen Ohio voter fraud cases referred for prosecution

    Sensenbrenner rejects new Voting Rights Amendment

    “Goodlatte: Voting Rights Act remains strong without amendment”

    Soros-funded Democrats and Team Hillary challenge hugely-popular voter ID law in Virginia

    Georgia Secretary of State not concerned about possible Democrat challenge to state’s Voter ID law

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    3rd of July 2015
  • State considers plaintiffs’ anti-voter ID claims now moot

    Via The Robesonian:  “A federal trial next month on several provisions of North Carolina’s 2013 elections law won’t consider challenges to the state’s upcoming voter identification requirement in light of recent changes to the mandate, a judge has ruled.

    “U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Schroeder decided that claims against the photo ID provision set to begin in 2016 will be kept out of the July 13 trial in Winston-Salem and considered later. Schroeder’s order came barely a week after the legislature finalized a bill creating a method by which people who can’t obtain a photo ID before next year can cast a lawful ballot.”

    House Bill 836 ensures that any voter claiming a “reasonable impediment” to getting a photo ID (even one provided free of charge by the state) will be able to vote. But the anti-integrity crowd isn’t satisfied.  Advancement Project attorney Donita Judge says “we believe that any photo ID requirement is unconstitutional” – a belief not shared by the Supreme Court or by the D.C. Circuit Court, which upheld South Carolina’s photo voter ID law containing a similar reasonable impediment affidavit provision.

    And as North Carolina Rep. David Lewis, a proponent of the bill, noted, only 114 South Carolina voters used reasonable impediment affidavits in 2014, a fraction of one percent of the 240,000 voters that opponents claimed had no photo ID.

    If Judge Schroeder doesn’t throw them out entirely, plaintiffs have until mid-August to decide whether to continue wasting resources on their anti-ID claims.

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    True the Vote
    2nd of July 2015

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